SORmaker Completed Mods Index.

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SORmaker Completed Mods Index.

Postby Don Vecta » Wed Sep 07, 2011 9:33 am

This is an index of all the mods already finished with a direct link to their threads and their download links. Some include screen shots, reviews and even some videos. Feel free to download them and leave feedback in their respective threads. Also please report any dead links so we can find other downloadable mirrors for you.
This index is for completed mods only. No demos or unfinished works will be displayed. Also take in note that some of these mods might have updated versions with patches, bug fixes or other new stuff so keep an eye on their correspondent threads.

* Prototype Mod by Bombergames. Released on April 4th, 2011. This is your basic sample mod created by the SORR devs which include 4 stages from SORv4.
* Las Calles de la Rabia (The Streets of Rage in Spanish) by Klares. Released on May 1st, 2011. A very unique mod that features 100% original stages drawn on MS Paint.
* Chinese School by CelestinX. Released on May 1st, 2011. This is a fun mod using real life photos of Chinese high schools.
* Syndicate Revenge by Alex. Released on May 13th, 2011.First mod by Alex.
* Streets of Rage Plus by Alex. Released on May 15th, 2011. Second mod by Alex.
* Wavewar by CelestinX. Released on May 16th, 2011. A simple mod using the survival mode of SORv4 stage.
* SOR: The Lost Levels by CelestinX. Released on May 17th, 2011. A second mod by CelestinX, which is basically the SORmaker version of some already known OpenBOR stages.
* Nas8400's Mod by Nas8400. Released on May 17th, 2011. Another mod using some SOR styled stages.
* The Chase is On by SORfan_83. Released on May 17th, 2011. This mod has no thread link so it goes to download page.
* SOR: The VR Missions by CelestinX. Released on May 25th, 2011. Fourth mod by CelestinX, simulating a virtual reality training scenario.
* Sonic by Cristalix. Released on Jun 6th, 2011. A mod inspired by the visuals of the Sonic games.
* SOR IV: Rage in Time by DeusX87. Released on June 8th, 2011. A full homage of Konami's TMNT IV: Turtles in Time, including also stages from the first TMNT Arcade game and The Hyperstone Heist.
* The Return of Mr. X by robertobernardo. Released on June 11th, 2011. A French mod inspired by the visuals of the Rushing Beat series.
* Streets of Rage: Manhunt by LucasHB. Released on June 18th, 2011. An intense mod relating Mr. X being on the run after escaping prison. Multiple paths and original stages included.
* Way of the Warrior by TheNomad. Released on June 22nd, 2011. High octane adventure taking part in Tokyo, Japan. Contains original stages, multiple endings and unlockable goods.
* The Rise of the Black Dragon by LucasHB. Released on August 4th, 2011. Second mod by LucasHB, lineal but intense mod involving Asian gangs and thick plots of revenge.
* Crocodile Isle of Rage by BLITZKITE. Released on August 7th, 2011. A cute mod intended as a homage of the Donkey Kong Country series.
* Final Rage by DeusX87. Released on August 8th, 2011. A perfect port of the first Final Fight game, includes optional music from the different versions of FF and original palettes from FF enemies.
* A Syndicate Story by Glisp. Released on August 27th, 2011. A lengthy mod playing the role of the villain characters who intent to revive Mr. X after the events of BK3.
* The Hydra by Atrocity3010. Released on September 28th, 2011. When you cut a head of a hydra, several more appear, right? Well, this is pretty much the analogy of Mr. X's syndicate and his endless source of mooks, wanna find the source of it and stop it once and for all? Play this mod.
* Streets of Rage Original Remake. Improved version v2.1 by CajNatalie. Released on September 30th, 2011. The game who started it all, SOR1 Remade completely from scratch and using the original 16-bit stages from 20 years ago, this mod depicts faithfully the old school game. For the nostalgia freaks or for those who want to know their roots. This is an updated version that includes difficulties for all levels and multiple endings.
* Streets of Rage 2 Remake by CajNatalie. Released on October 8th, 2011. Perhaps the most well-known game of the whole series, this is a homage of the fan's favorite beat 'em up. Do you have what it takes to beat Mr. X? Updated with new difficulty settings, fixed graphics and endings.
* Streets of Rage 3 Remake: Try Harder Edition by CajNatalie. Released on October 20th, 2011. This is a shorter version of SOR3/BKIII where you can't find General Petrov.
* Celestin X's Survival Mode pack one by CelestinX. Released on October 27th, 2011. Nothing like an old fashioned survival mode, play it, upload your score and try to top the leaderboards!
* Gangs of Fury by Zarzak. Released on October 27th, 2011. A no nonsense straight up mod with very creative ways to use the SORmaker tools. A must play!
* Double Dragon Remake by CelestinX. Released on October 31st, 2011.In this mod you can choose either the Megadrive/Genesis or Master System verison of Double Dragon!
* Celestin X's Survival Mode pack two by CelestinX. Released on November 2nd, 2011. Part two of Celestin X's survival mod.
* Streets of Rage 3 for V5 *and Bonus Mini-Mod* by CajNatalie. Released on November 4th, 2011. This is a full remake of SOR3/BKIII. Also includes a bonus mini mod called Adam's Story (collaboration with badjab) detailing his involvement in the events of SOR3/BKIII.
* SoR - At The Movies by Benny26. Released on November 14th, 2011. Join the set of upcoming video game movies such as Sunset Riders, Metal Gear Solid and The Warriors!
* H.U.N.T.E.R. by Don Vecta & Xenovant. Release on November 23rd, 2011. Experience the job and a law enforcement agency dedicated to solve the problems that are too small for the top brass and too big for the local finest. DLC coming soon!
* V4 Remake and Bonus Mini-Mod by Charco. Released on December 6th, 2011. Relive the excitement of the first complete version of SorR and try the mini-mod to find out the backstory of two of the V4 characters!
* Streets of Rage Megamix by CajNatalie. Released on January 8th, 2012. A super crazy dreammatch megamix that puts all the SOR games together along with some of the most successful mods released so far. Expect twisted humor and hours of fun!
* Final Rage Trilogy by DeusX87. Released on January 9th, 2012. You played Final Fight. You played the first mod Final Rage... now you can play Final Fight 1, 2 and 3 in the same mod! Includes palette/name pack, alternative soundtrack and everything you want to make your Final Fight experience as close as you want... with the SOR feeling.
* Golden Rage Trilogy by CajNatalie. Released on January 26th, 2012. Another homage of a SEGA clasic. CajNatalie recreates the 3 Golden Axe games released for the Genesis/Megadrive. Includes palette and sound pack for a full experience.
* Adam's Story Extended version by CajNatalie, Don Vecta, Laucorn & Badjab. Released on February 5th, 2011. A mod created by a team of the SORR community, it details the trials of Adam Hunter and Max Thunder during the events of SOR3. Includes remixes of classic stages and completely original and unique stages combined with a high octane storyline.
* Boss Rush of Rage by CajNatalie. Released on February 15th, 2012. Best. Worst. Mod. Ever. An extremely intense mod designed not to be beaten but mostly to train you skills and to be killed over and over and over and over again. Death was never so fun.
* The Aftermath by CelestinX. Released on March 9th, 2012. The latest mod by old veteran modder CelestinX. Give it a try!
* Survival Mod(e) Round 5 - 8 by CajNatalie. Released on March 11th, 2012. Did you pass the v5 Survival Mode rounds? Mastered them? WANT MORE!? CajNatalie release a mod that tries to emulate the v5's Survival modes with more options, new stages, new set of enemies and new challenges. Be warned, to play it competitively you MUST abide some rules. Read the forum thread for them.
* *The Vendetta* by AxelFan. Released on April 26th, 2012. A long awaited mod finally saw the light. *NEW*
* *Wanter's Revenge* by loftyD. Released on June 26th, 2012. Mr. X's death bought peace to the city, that is until one of Mr.X's henchman, named Wanter seeks revenge for the death of Mr. X. *NEW*
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