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Here is a list of frequently asked questions on the forum:

1- What will be in SORR V5?

Refer to this link

2- What is SORmaker? What features will it have?

You can refer to this thread for more informations.

If you have any questions about this tool, you can post them in the topic.

3- When is SORR V5 going to be released?

There is no release date.
Only thing we can assure you is that it's gonna be very soon, hopefully this year, if not early 2011.
That's all there is to know for now. Please refrain from asking that question.

4- Will SORR V5 support 3 or 4 players modes?

No, SOR, whether the original games or the Remake, has always been designed for 2 players in terms of gameplay, difficulty, enemy placement etc.

5- Which formats will SORR V5 be ported to?

Aside from Windows and Linux (x86), SORR V5 will be playable on GP2X Wiz and Wii.
An unofficial and unconfirmed PSP port is being worked on but there's no guarantee it will be finished.
Note that for handheld platforms, SORR will not contain 2P modes or online mode and will have several modifications to be supported.

There is no port planned for other platforms such as Xbox but it is possible someone external to the SORR developement team would be willing to work on it.

Note that because of the 32mb requirement, SORR V5 cannot be ported to the DS.

6- Will SORR V5 be available on Xbox Live, Wiiware or PSN?

No, because SORR V5 is an unofficial product and most importantly use copyrighted materials, it is not going to be available on those platforms.

7- Did Bombergames contact SEGA about this remake?

Yes, they contacted SEGA about legal matters

8- Where can I get news about the project?

Updates about the project are now published in this topic

You can check previous updates by reading the official developement blog which is no longer updated since February 2010.

9- I'd like to know if <insert track name here> has been remixed for SORR V5? Where can I get the samplers previously released?

You may wanna check this topic.

10- I want to contribute artwork, music (or anything else) to the SORR developement team.

You can contact Bomberlink at this address

11- I found a bug in SORR V4 and I want to let the team know about it.

As the SORR engine has been completely reworked for V5 and that all bugs found in V4 have been fixed, it is not necessary that you post about these bugs.

12- I would like to use material from SORR V4 for a game I am developing.

Please ask Bomberlink first at this address

13- I have a suggestion for SORR V5.

You can post it in this thread
but please note that it is unlikely that it will be considered at this late stage in development.

14- I am having problems playing SORR V4.

Please refer to this FAQ first
If you cannot find a solution to your problem, you can ask for help in this topic

15- Will SORR V5 be moddable?

No, SORR V5 will be encrypted. However, you will be able to edit the soundtrack in the same way as you can in SORR V4. Sormaker will allow you to create your own SOR game using the SORR engine, add your own stages and cutscenes.

16- I have a question about SORR V5 that has no answers here.

Make sure you read throughouly the official blog developement or the quick updates thread first.
If you still cannot find an answer, you can post your question in this topic

17- I would like to make a donation to Bombergames.

Donations for the server will be opened a week before the release of SORR V5.

18-What will happen to the forum after the release? Will it still be there?

Read this:

19- I have another question that has no answer here.

You can post your question in this topic
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